OTPC believes in adopting sustainable business practices which benefit not only the shareholders but also the community and the local environment. In pursuit of adoption, OTPC has taken membership of Global Compact Network India (GCNI). GCNI is the Indian arm of United Nation Global Compact which is a leadership platform with a global dimension with an aim to conjoin private sector activities with civil society initiatives, and for the establishment of an inclusive corporate sustainability in the global economy.

OTPC being a joint venture organization is also supporting its promoters and investors in preparation of sustainability report under Global Reporting Initiative. OTPC is also committed towards providing support to nearby villagers in the field of health, education and livelihood under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

OTPC is also helping the environment by emitting lower levels of emissions. The NOx emission from the power plant is less than 25 ppm which is much lower than the prescribed limit. Online data of both chimneys is made available on the Central Pollution Control Board website for real time monitoring.

The OTPC plant is also registered under the Clean Development Mechanism scheme established as part of the Kyoto Protocol under United Nation Framework Convention to Climate Change.