ONGC Tripura Power Company Ltd.

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Home Implementation Methodology- Transmission

Proposed Approach


(a) Technical Consultants / Owners’ Engineer

(i) NETCL has appointed PGCIL as the Technical consultant for the transmission system.  As technical consultant, PGCIL would be responsible for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the transmission system proposed to be implemented by NETCL. PGCIL is the Central Transmission Utility (CTU) of India and has extensive experience in design of transmission sector infrastructure

(ii) PGCIL has also been appointed as Engineering-cum-Project Management Consultant (PMC) for the Project. The scope of services of the PMC would be as follows:

• Preparation of equipment specifications
• Finalization of bid packages
• Supervision of bidding process for award of contract
• Support in execution of EPC contracts for the transmission facilities followed by over-sighting the implementation works

(b) Other Project Consultants

(i) NETCL has appointed M/s Jyoti Structures for undertaking detailed surveys and finalization of route alignment under the supervision of PGCIL. Jyoti Structures has completed the detailed route survey for the transmission system and submitted the final report

(ii) Further, PGCIL is also assisting in development of tower designs, preparation of Tender specifications for fabrication of the designed tower & type testing along with assistance in appointment of independent agencies for type testing of the transmission towers and supervision of the same. PGCIL has finalized the tower designs suitable for the proposed transmission system and the proto-type testing of the same has been completed successfully


(c) Project Implementation

(i) The supply / implementation of the transmission system has been spliced into ten (10) discrete packages which are as follows:

• Supply & erection of transmission towers & stringing of transmission line (Four packages)
• Erection of Special Foundation (One package)
• Supply of conductors (Three packages)
• Supply of insulators (Two packages)

(ii) The tower contract packages would be awarded for complete material procurement, fabrication, supply & erection and foundation & stringing works on a fixed-cost and fixed-time basis. All line materials would also be included in the scope of the tower contract packages

(iii) Separate contractors would be appointed for undertaking execution of the respective packages. All project contracts would be awarded through an ICB process. Adoption of the EPC route for project implementation would mitigate risks associated with cost & time overruns

(iv) PGCIL, as Project Management Consultant (PMC) for the Transmission System, would oversee implementation activities by the Project contractors and ensure coordination between them. The presence of PGCIL as PMC mitigates risks associated with delays in Project implementation due to inadequate coordination between the Project contractors

(d) Operation & Maintenance

NETCL would enter into a long-term O&M Agreement with PGCIL for management of the transmission lines for the entire operating period



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